Knowledge in the field of psychopedagogy is evolving rapidly, making continuing training in this area essential. CDSE specialists consequently offer various training courses on the support of children with socio-emotional needs in collaboration with the Institut de formation de l'éducation nationale (IFEN).

Psychopedagogical methods and techniques are not only beneficial for children with special and particular needs, but to the general school population as well.

STEP for teachers

Especially the socio-emotional development of the students, but also the whole class management and the cooperation with parents and the staff raise many questions. In this context, the training "STEP Teachers" is intended to promote an appreciative and professional learning environment.

The basis is STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting), which offers a practical and immediately applicable approach. Furthermore, contents from the developmental and trauma pedagogical approach are included.

Through role-plays, discussions, reflections and practical implementation in everyday professional life, the participants are encouraged to try out the theoretical approaches and to deepen them through self-reflection.

The CDSE offers the further training "STEP Teacher" in cooperation with the IFEN once a year or on request as an internal school training.

The training lasts 24 hours in total, which can be divided into 4 or 8 days.